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Slate is reporting that car manufacturers are finally realizing that touch panels for controls in cars are terrible and dangerous.

Back in 2019, the US Navy, which had moved to touch screens for various interfaces for their ships, realized that analog controls are actually better and safer and are replacing touchscreens with analog controls.

Control surfaces for vehicles should be analog. Gauges can be screens- I’m not saying no screens. I’m just saying don’t put HVAC and other key controls on touchscreens.


Hall & Oates

I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (Pomo Remix)

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David Van Tieghem, These Things Happen

I was really happy to see that David Van Tieghem‘s 1984 album, These Things Happen was released on Bandcamp by Van Tieghem himself. This was released on vinyl and cassette back in the day and while I have had a bad digital copy, I was more than happy to pay David for a lossless file. Both These Things Happen and Van Tieghem’s 1987 release, Saftey in Numbers, are seminal albums for me. I listened to them so many times as a child and while the nostalgia is a factor, Van Tieghem’s ideas and production are so great, the albums hold up decades later. Highly recommended.

Music back after many years

One of my favorite DJs, is back after many years with a new deep house mix, Socially Distant. Great to have fleep back!

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thank you Bill Withers

If you are looking for the best hour of curated Bill Withers, I suggest you go check out Oliver Wang’s 2015 tribute to Withers on
Rest in power.