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July 2017, spam in Google search

Google search results are really bad these days.| Here is a search for a product (a dashboard mat for my truck) and you can see that only the top result is relevant. The other search results are all spam

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Impressive! The most interesting interface I have seen since the Novation Launchpad.

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thoughts on Opera’s new VPN features from China

Living as I do in Shanghai (i.e. behind the Great Firewall), and having spent a decade at Mozilla in the browser segment of the technology world, these recent moves by Opera to add VPN features to their browser and to

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Stratechery on Aggregation Theory

In some ways, Ben Thompson‘s explanation of aggregation theory and why it is powerful is like telling us why water is wet or why air is important to breathe. Aggregation theory is why many Internet companies are among the largest

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Little Rice – Smartphones, Xiaomi, and the Chinese Dream by Clay Shirky

When we moved to Shanghai earlier this year, I did not know that Clay Shirky had moved to China over a year ago to teach at NYU Shanghai. Clay has a new book out: Little Rice РSmartphones, Xiaomi, and the

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