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Slate is reporting that car manufacturers are finally realizing that touch panels for controls in cars are terrible and dangerous.

Back in 2019, the US Navy, which had moved to touch screens for various interfaces for their ships, realized that analog controls are actually better and safer and are replacing touchscreens with analog controls.

Control surfaces for vehicles should be analog. Gauges can be screens- I’m not saying no screens. I’m just saying don’t put HVAC and other key controls on touchscreens.

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thank you Bill Withers

If you are looking for the best hour of curated Bill Withers, I suggest you go check out Oliver Wang’s 2015 tribute to Withers on
Rest in power.

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HBO’s Chernobyl vs. future Fukushima media event

After watching HBO’s phenomenal Chernobyl TV mini series, my concern is that the bar has been raised very high for any potential Fukushima disaster media portrayal. Whether any future Fukushima media portrayal will be a documentary or a historical drama like the HBO Chernobyl mini series, it will be demanding to make anything of the quality of the Craig Mazin and Johan Renck series.

Clearly the Fukushima event still is ongoing wrt the cleanup (and will be for hundreds if not thousands of years) but there should be some sort of detailed overview of the event for a global audience. There are lessons to be learned that have yet to be shared broadly and myths to be busted, etc.

I don’t know who/how a Fukushima media project could be done effectively. Perhaps a Netflix-funded effort with a Japanese cast but perhaps a non-Japanese director? HBO’s Chernobyl did have many award-winning non-Russian/non-Ukranian actors, and I think any Fukushima media project would have to carefully balance having Japanese actors for authenticity but also some non-Japanese perspective (in direction or other areas) in order to broaden the story for a global audience. When such a project could be funded or shot, I don’t know. I suspect it is still too close to the date of the accident/event that it’s still too soon.