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David Van Tieghem, These Things Happen

I was really happy to see that David Van Tieghem‘s 1984 album, These Things Happen was released on Bandcamp by Van Tieghem himself. This was released on vinyl and cassette back in the day and while I have had a bad digital copy, I was more than happy to pay David for a lossless file. Both These Things Happen and Van Tieghem’s 1987 release, Saftey in Numbers, are seminal albums for me. I listened to them so many times as a child and while the nostalgia is a factor, Van Tieghem’s ideas and production are so great, the albums hold up decades later. Highly recommended.

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On 9-11 in 2013

Ray Greiselhuber

I’m reading “never forget” everywhere today. What I will never forget is how much true freedom we have sacrificed in order to feel safe from those who supposedly “hate us for our freedom.”

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Uniqlo in New York Magazine

Lengthy and very positive profile of Uniqlo in New York Magazine.

Seemingly out of nowhere, their cheap, skinny rainbow-colored basics became a kind of New York uniform. Just how did the Japanese discount brand become the hottest retailer in the city?

Obviously Uniqlo needs to expand on the coasts (Yanai tells the reporter, SF, LA, and the announced additional store in NYC) but it’s still unclear to me how the brand would do in American cities beyond, say, the top 10.

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Michael Lewis on 60 Minutes

If you’re like me and was riveted by the excerpt of Michael Lewis’ new book in Vanity Fair, and missed Michael Lewis on 60 Minutes, be sure to catch it all online. There’s a bunch of web-only pieces with Lewis and Michael Burry as well. It’s amazing to think that some investors in Burry’s funds who were so angry at the large bet that Burry made (and won) that they pulled all their funds out as soon as they were able to.
Inside The Collapse, Part 1

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Adam Richards rebuts Lisa Katayama on NYT otaku culture article

I was uneasy after reading Lisa Katayama’s piece on otaku culture in the NY Times Magazine last weekend. I tried to put my thoughts into a blog post but nothing coalesced.
Adamu at Mutant Frog Travelogue has a rebuttal and questions some of Katayama’s fact-checking in what I think is a great blog post that encapsulates a lot of my thoughts on this topic. If you read that ‘Love in 2D‘ article, please take the time to read Adamu’s rebuttal:
Nemutan’s revenge – some fact-checking and reaction to the NYT story on anime fetishists