Stratechery on Aggregation Theory

In some ways, Ben Thompson‘s explanation of aggregation theory and why it is powerful is like telling us why water is wet or why air is important to breathe.

Aggregation theory is why many Internet companies are among the largest businesses in the world today. I know this intuitively and yet Thompson explains it so clearly.

Thompson’s recent blog post on why aggregation theory is affecting this year’s political campaigning in the US, The Voter Decides, is also excellent. Ben and James Allworth discuss this at length in the Exponent podcast as well.

Little Rice – Smartphones, Xiaomi, and the Chinese Dream by Clay Shirky

When we moved to Shanghai earlier this year, I did not know that Clay Shirky had moved to China over a year ago to teach at NYU Shanghai. Clay has a new book out: Little Rice – Smartphones, Xiaomi, and the Chinese Dream

When I heard that Bernard Leong was going to visit Shanghai, I worked to get Clay onto Bernard’s podcast and this is the result.

supporting Nepal Earthquake Relief for Rural Communities

If you have been shocked and horrified by the images and news from Nepal, and you are looking to perhaps donate to an organization in Nepal, please consider donating to this effort to rebuild two schools in Nepal which have been badly damaged in the earthquake. Sadly, 120 are confirmed dead and 400 injured just in these two rural communities. My friend Yat Siu is organizing this effort to rebuild schools that are run by Tenzing Norgay‘s grandchild, Tashi Tenzing and his wife.

Nepal Earthquake Relief for Rural Communities

There are many worthy organizations and it may be hard to choose one, but this is a worthy cause and Yat will make sure that the funds will be used properly. I am donating today.

Japan net vs gross debt to GDP

245% vs. 41%. A very different narrative than what is in the mainstream press.

“Japanese government owes debt of 1,269.1 trillion yen, and owns assets of 822.2 trillion yen, therefore the net debt is 447 trillion yen at the end of March, 2013. The net debt relative to GDP ratio is about 90 percent.

As of December 31, 2014, the BOJ holds JGBs worth 254 trillion yen. If we subtract this from the net debt, the net debt relative to GDP ratio becomes 41 percent.”

Japan’s Fiscal Situation Is Not As Bad As Many Assume

MV Augusta BRUTALE 800 DRAGSTER RR rear wheel

Detail of rear spoked wheel from the 2015 MV Augusta Brutale 800 Dragster RR.

I’d love to know more about who is making the rim.