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53 stories down, no net

Hard Rock Hello Kitty

Hard Rock Hello Kitty photo by kenleewrites

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Ver.

If you need the most recent update to Silkypix Developer Studio, Ver., and you can’t download it from Shortcut Software because of the malware they are hosting on their site, you can download it from Ichikawa Soft Laboratory, the Japanese

The Automotive Rigs pool

The Automotive Rigs pool at Flickr is small but impressive.  Shots of cars either from the car being photographed or from a second vehicle, showing the car in question at speed.

Thom Hogan – 2009 Nikon Predictions

2009 Nikon Predictions Worth perusing if you are drooling over expensive DSLRS…and something of a misnomer as Thom opines on Canon and Sony and others too.