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Impressive! The most interesting interface I have seen since the Novation Launchpad.

Japan net vs gross debt to GDP

245% vs. 41%. A very different narrative than what is in the mainstream press. “Japanese government owes debt of 1,269.1 trillion yen, and owns assets of 822.2 trillion yen, therefore the net debt is 447 trillion yen at the end

Social Investment Partners Japan

I just saw the news that Social Investment Partners has launched in Japan. This looks to be Japan’s first social benefit investment vehicle, focused on supporting non-profits in Japan. This is great news for Japan’s non-profit sector, which both needs

goodbye to Eiko Ishioka

A truly unique artist has passed. Our dear family friend, from before I was born, Eiko Ishioka, passed this weekend. For those of you who don’t know of Eiko Ishioka, she was (and probably will be for a long, long

M.B.A.’s in Japan Struggle for Respect –

Fascinating article.  Worth a longer discussion when I have time… Comparing a Harvard MBA to a Hitotsubashi or Globis MBA is completely laughable.  Comical in a way that is hard to express.  Utterly absurd, is maybe close. M.B.A.’s in Japan