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The Automotive Rigs pool

The Automotive Rigs pool at Flickr is small but impressive.  Shots of cars either from the car being photographed or from a second vehicle, showing the car in question at speed.

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Thom Hogan – 2009 Nikon Predictions

2009 Nikon Predictions
Worth perusing if you are drooling over expensive DSLRS…and something of a misnomer as Thom opines on Canon and Sony and others too.

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promoting iPhone in Japan

Softbank’s comic commercials to promote their mobile service are now promoting the iPhone in Japan with Aya Ueto and Dante Carver and the rest of the White Family clan.

More background on this series here:
Shiba SoftBank Ads – Part I
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and finally
Shiba SoftBank Ads – Part 4
You have to understand Japanese to get all the jokes. Suffice it to say that Steve Jobs doesn’t use a white Shiba-inu to promote the iPhone anywhere else in the world.
via Hector’s Kirainet

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iPhone not selling in Japan

Yukari Kane of the WSJ pops the bubble of the iPhone in Japan.

Apple’s Latest iPhone Sees Slow Japan Sales –

According to market-research firm MM Research Institute, Apple sold about 200,000 phones in Japan in the first two months. Since then, however, demand has been falling steadily, and analysts now widely believe sales are unlikely to reach a total of 500,000 units. That is half the one million units that they previously thought Apple could sell.

“Japanese users don’t know what to do with an iPhone,” he said. “Sales could grow if Apple provides specific examples of how it can be used.”

It’s interesting to think that Japanese users don’t know what to do with an iPhone. I suspect that is true because Japanese users are accustomed to being inside the walled garden of their carrier, so to have the full Internet is not appreciated or understood. Japanese mobile phones have browsers but they’re basically only used for the walled garden of the carrier.  I have the option of using a “full-browser” on my phone, but it would cost me 1500 yen/mo. or 18000 yen/yr. which I am certainly not willing to pay.

I believe that Roy Amara‘s quote is appropriate here: “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” I think that the effect of the iPhone on the global mobile market in the long run, specifically providing a real browser on a mobile phone (note that full-browsers are coming on Android as well as Mobile Firefox), will be the most important legacy of the iPhone.

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Toto Washlet in the US

Washlet toilets are pretty common in Japan (perhaps not in public toilets, but most new homes and rental apartments have them installed.)

It’s interesting to see how Toto is promoting the Washlet in the US. I actually think the site is very clean and easy to understand.