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Sony PSP fans pissed off

Kotaku editor and readers ranting about the PSP. These are hard-core gamers and they are so sad about Sony and the PSP.

Let’s look at the score card:

Location Free TV is overpriced and not fully supported.

Web browsing is a hellish pain in the ass thanks to the telephone-style text entry.

Music is essentially in the same boat as video support.

Hollywood has given up on UMD.

The video games are still very hit or miss.

And images… well, at least they got that right.

Well.. yeah.. the PSP is a lot of broken promises and such… but.. it’s Sony.. shouldn’t we be used to this by now?

Unfortunately, the PSP has a lot of potential that’s wasted by Sony’s apparent need to turn every piece of plastic and metal they churn out into the newest expensive, gee-whiz, multimedia devices. Overpriced UMD movies, a library with titles that are mostly stale, and the fact that it’s still getting raped in U.S. sales by the Nintendo DS (even more so once the DS Lite arrives here in June) are the least of it’s problems. I’m beginning to wonder whether Sony even considered making their PSP a simple gaming handheld during it’s development.

Sony has screwed up everything there is about the PSP, they have great graphics capabilities but no good games to use them, they have good features which are all crippled due to poor management and functionality. I think Sony couldn’t have done worse if they were actually trying to make the PSP fail.

This comment is brilliantly funny:

Good luck finding a studio that’s willing to chuck the cash to convert an entire season of any TV series over to UMD. You’ll probably find them next to the studio that’s including hours of must-have bonus features with their UMD movies.

PSP: Just Die Already – Kotaku

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typically Sony

This is one of those where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Sony announces that they are preparing another digital music player to compete with the Apple iPod. The Sony executive quoted, Takao Yuhara, is quoted as saying that the upcoming Sony product will be “typically Sony.” In fact the only two words quoted in the whole article are those two words.
What does “typically Sony” mean to most digital music player customers?
Why not ask all the Sony Connect customers who’ve struggled with and lost their battles with Sony’s non-functional software. I have literally thousands of comments from Sony Connect users who are, for the most part, exasperated with the software. Many have left comments that they will never purchase another Sony music player again. Yuhara-san, I hope you are considering a different market segment because the “previously purchased a Sony Network Walkman” market segment is gone.
Sony has lost a tremendous amount of goodwill with the debacle surrounding Sony Connect, and whatever challenge that the company had in front of them, their own internal issues developing software to support their digital music players is at least as large of a problem as the competition is.
Yuhara should have said “atypically Sony” i.e. something that is non-traditional from Sony, because that, I believe, is what the market is looking for. Not another run-of-the-mill digital music player with mediocre (or worse) software.

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Sony Connect E.O.L.

I don’t usually self-link but this news is pretty interesting and it comes from the comments on my own blog.

It seems that Sony has cancelled support for their “Connect” software.

Connect was supposed to be the replacement for SonicStage but was so poorly produced (it basically failed to perform many basic functions) that it caused a gigantic consumer backlash.

Sony customer John Dolan leaves a message on my blog regarding Connect in Europe. I’ve italicized the response from Sony.

Connect Player is dead – NO LONGER SUPPORTED BY SONY !!!!!!

I wrote to the Euro Connect support “management team”, demanding to know why they have included a covert web server in their software. This was two months ago. I have emailed them every single day since wanting to know why they had not replied. This morning I got this message back:-

Dear Mr. Dolan

Sorry for the late statement on this.

First of all thanks for your request. We are happy with all kind of

request because also critics help Sony to get better.

The software you are using at the moment I think should be the Connect


This software is not longer supported by Connect or any other Sony company.

The actual prefered software is Sonicstage 3.4 which does not support the

intelligent features of the NWA 3000.
You can download this software under:

On May 25th Sonicstage will release his new software Sonistage CP which

will support all intelligent features including Artist Link. The software will be

available under the same link as the previous one.

We are sorry about your problems and hope we could help you a bit.

If you need a CD with Sonicstage on it just let us know.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions

Best regards

Sony Connect Support Management Team

Posted by: John Dolan on April 26, 2006 01:19 AM

Gen Kanai weblog: Sony Connect Player fiasco

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movielink, cinemanow

Oh look. Sony’s movie download services, Movielink & Cinema Now, are not available for the Mac OS or Linux.

They also don’t run on Firefox or Opera. Only IE.

サービス要件に目を移すと、Movielink は『Mac OS』や『Linux』には対応していない。また配信フォーマットは、RealNetworks の配信形式および Microsoft の『Windows Media』形式を用いており、デジタル著作権管理 (DRM) の都合上、『Windows』でのみ再生できる。

また Movielink のサービスを利用するには、Microsoft の Web ブラウザ『Internet Explorer』(IE) が必要だ。この種のサービスにとって重要と思われる、ハイテクに精通した新し物好きのユーザー層は、IE よりも『Firefox』や『Opera』を好む傾向があるため、反発を買う恐れがある。

Movielink と CinemaNow、大手製作映画のダウンロード販売へ

or in English:

Movielink CEO Jim Ramo said in a statement. “We are combining cutting-edge technology with the best in motion picture entertainment to offer consumers an exciting entertainment experience.”

“Cutting edge” is up for debate.

Movielink doesn’t support Macintosh or Linux users. Movie downloads are offered in RealNetworks RealPlayer 8.0 and Microsoft Windows Media Player formats and can run only on Windows.

Nor does Movielink work with Web browsers other than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which is likely to aggravate the presumably important tech-savvy early adopter market, a user population that tends to prefer the Firefox and Opera browsers.

The licensing rights allow users to use their digital downloads on up to three computers and create a backup DVD. Downloaded movies can be viewed only on PCs, unless consumers opt to connect their PCs to their televisions.

What a waste of time and energy. This thing is a failure out of the gate, especially considering the pricing is 2X the price of a DVD and doesn’t include extra footage.

Movie Studios Offer Downloadable Films

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Sony Metreon’s shattered dreams

The SF Chronicle covers the mess that is Sony’s Metreon in San Francisco.

“It was supposed to be a place where you couldn’t tell where the entertainment ended and the retail began,” Bryant said. “I truly believed in it 100 percent.”

That is, until Metreon opened for business.

“What got created,” Bryant said with undisguised bitterness, “was a shopping mall with gated attractions that you had to pay to get into. It wasn’t very fun, and the public reacted to that.”

On one level, the story of Metreon’s rise and fall is the story of what happens when visionary ideas collide with the realities of the business world.

On a more basic level, it’s the story of what happens when corporate powers-that-be decide, as they so often do, to place short-term gain ahead of long-term investments.

“Sony started cutting our budget almost as soon as we opened,” Bryant said. “They decided within six months of opening that they didn’t want to be in the land development business after all.

Metreon’s shattered dreams []