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p_2008-09-05_11-55-12.jpg, originally uploaded by fuxoft. No comment.

The Third Browser War, originally uploaded by bradybd. Cute.

I don’t have $5000 to spend on a digital camera, but I hope that Nikon can move the key technology from the D3 to lower cost cameras ASAP. Cliff Mautner Photography: 9-23-2007 Nikon D3 Test Drive!!!!!!! WOW

Venture-backed photo-sharing site Zooomr is betting the farm on Japan? Japan already has a lot of photo sharing sites like Photozou or Livedoor Pics or Flickr itself, or one of dozens of other clones. I’m not sure what the Zooomr …

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Firefox car found@Firefox ROCK FEST! (Mozilla24), originally uploaded by nobihaya. Awesomeness on wheels…