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Honda Hawk – Barbie Edition

p_2008-09-05_11-55-12.jpg, originally uploaded by fuxoft. No comment.

The Third Browser War

The Third Browser War, originally uploaded by bradybd. Cute.

Nikon D3 review

I don’t have $5000 to spend on a digital camera, but I hope that Nikon can move the key technology from the D3 to lower cost cameras ASAP. Cliff Mautner Photography: 9-23-2007 Nikon D3 Test Drive!!!!!!! WOW

Zooomr Japan?

Venture-backed photo-sharing site Zooomr is betting the farm on Japan? Japan already has a lot of photo sharing sites like Photozou or Livedoor Pics or Flickr itself, or one of dozens of other clones. I’m not sure what the Zooomr

Firefox Celica

Firefox car found@Firefox ROCK FEST! (Mozilla24), originally uploaded by nobihaya. Awesomeness on wheels…