Personal support FAILURE

I’ve been using to run Windows XP and Ubuntu virtually on my Mac for a while and it’s been pretty good, albeit slow as I haven’t been able to give the VMs more than 512MB RAM due to my older MBP’s RAM limitations.
Recently I needed to upgrade to the newest Parallels, which was an extra charge.
I went to the website and was sent to, which is the ecommerce vendor Parallels uses. I purchased the upgrade and waited for my new key. I was told 12 hrs max.
4 days goes by. No word from element5 or Parallels.
Finally I contact Parallels support and the support person,tells me that my order was declined. I was not notified of this. Why was I not notified? Then support tells me that I have to contact Element 5 for support. Why Element 5? I purchased the software from Parallels, not Element 5.
The worst part of all of this is the Element 5 website, which is run by Digital River, who is in the business of selling software online, does not use SSL for any of the username/passwords that they are requesting that users input on their site.
If this is the real state of affairs with Parallels, I’m moving to VMWare.

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New design; still work to do

As you can see, I’ve finally fully upgraded to MT 4.01 with a new design. My old weblog design was many years old and with the help of a good friend (thank you BA!) I’m finally in 2008.
My comments should be working as well (although I’m still getting a lot of comment spam and I may need to turn off anonymous comments if I can’t fix this) so please test my comments.


upgraded to MT4.01

I’ve finally gotten a moment to upgrade my blog to MT 4.01. It was actually very easy and painless. Let’s hope the comments are now working? Please help me test by leaving a comment.


my blog’s comments are broken

My hosting provider (Dreamhost, who I recommend) has informed me that my mt-comments.cgi script is taking up too many resources on my hosted server so they had to turn it off. That means no one can comment to my blog until I fix that.
I like MT but I’m not sure I want to upgrade to 4.0 and it’s not clear to me that moving to 4.0 will fix this issue. In any case, please give me a bit of time to fix my blog comment software.

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USC Global Conference 2007

W. David Marx, proprietor of many interesting websites including Néomarxisme and Néojaponisme, and I will be speaking with Prof. Jennifer Urban of USC at the USC Global Conference this weekend on Saturday the 27th on the topic of user-generated content in Japan. If you’ll be attending, please be sure to say hello.