Hed Kandi – Deeper

On continuous rotation for the past few weeks and not getting stale: Hed Kandi deep house compilation “Deeper
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Interesting information on Salon. More thoughts on this tomorrow.


Quango returns

Frankly, I’m at a loss why a company with as much experience at launching new products as MSFT has bungled this HailStorm PR as much as it has. No one seems to understand it, including the company itself.
Sure, if you peel away all the mumbo-jumbo, you get a glimpse at the fact that even MSFT realizes that they’re going to have to have a service-based future instead of selling products. Without Java to interoperate with on the net, MSFT is leaning on SOAP.
I’m still unconvinced that anything they do, including centralizing all the user information on MSFT servers (imagine the bandwidth one’ll need in that future!), will result in a continuation of their current monopoly environment.
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John Dvorak on HailStorm.
Without saying anything substantive, [Microsoft Director of Strategy, Charles] Fitzgerald rambles on and on using every tech cliche you can think of. “We want the wind at our back as we’re running downhill.” “Revolution.” “Seamless.” “Critical mass.” “Stitch together.” “Robust!” It was all there along with Microsoft mumbo-jumbo, such as “deep rich sophisticated software content” and “Internet native methodology.” And the classic, “Aggregate and integrate in new and interesting ways.” He must have used the word “aggregate” 100 times. At one point I thought he was in the cement business. As for actually giving us a clear view of the .Net concept, the company should hire Professor Irwin Corey. He’s more precise.
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Kara Swisher on HailStorm:
What’s with the malevolent code name HailStorm? It conjures images of concussions from baseball-size hailstones. After years of trying to prove it isn’t a bully, couldn’t the company have chosen something a bit gentler, like SoftSpringRain?
Here’s one possible scenario: Microsoft buys a chunk of Yahoo! , the beleaguered Web portal, and transfers its important consumer online services to it. It would be an independent entity, not a market-impossible spinoff, that would engender more consumer trust than a Microsoft-controlled company would.
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You know you’ve seen it all when you check out Moscow’s Cat Circus.
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Here’s another great Joel Spolsky essay on Earthlink’s marketing lies. Marketers lie to us so often and since we’re marketed to from all sides, we’re way beyond the point of taking any advertising or marketing message at face value.
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The Return of Quango; Seminal Grooves Label Returns With Full Slate of Releases in 2001
NEW YORK — March 13, 2001– Palm Pictures and Quango Music Group announced a joint venture to relaunch the Quango label. A new slate of compilations are set to be released in 2001.
The story of Quango begins with a battered mix tape made by Bruno Guez that fell into the hands of Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records and Palm Pictures. The forward-thinking global grooves that scratched their way through the speakers inspired an imprint deal for Quango via the Island label from 1995 through 1997.
The vision for Quango was created by Bruno Guez, the popular Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and tastemaker. Guez was joined by Jason Bentley (KCRW/KROQ DJ) to create the Quango aesthetic via compilations and artist albums that are widely acknowledged as being ahead of their time.
Releases included the first Kruder and Dorfmeister EP and Talvin Singh’s Anokha. Compilations included Quango Abstract Vibes, Quango World Groove and the Journey Into Ambient Groove series. In all, some 28 titles were released through Island featuring early tracks by the likes of Tricky, Sneaker Pimps and Basement Jaxx, among many others.
Fast-forward to 2001. Bruno Guez and Chris Blackwell have again teamed up. Guez has compiled a series of releases that further push the notion of a global future sound. Featuring tracks from a combination of now-known (Jazzanova, Fila Brazilia, Tosca) and soon-to-be-known artists (The Funky Lowlives, Radar, Kaidi Tatham), Quango continues to be on the leading edge of global culture.
Quango is also developing a new, fully featured Web site to be launched this spring at In addition to information on the label and artists, the site will feature a Quango radio module, a lifestyle section with city-by-city culture guides and a global products marketplace.
Quango will continue to introduce new artists that cross boundaries and push the envelope of progressive global culture, Guez commented. I am thrilled to be working with Chris Blackwell again, who saw my vision
from the very beginning.
I am very excited to be relaunching the Quango label with Bruno Guez, said Blackwell. We introduced the label first a few years ago when I was at Island, and in a very short time Quango created a following for their beautifully structured musical soundscapes.
The six Quango compilations slated for release this year are:
° Quango Cosmic Funk — London’s most modern hybrid of dance music fused with modern soul, featuring The Funky Lowlives, Neon Phusion, New Sector Movements and more.
° Quango Mystic Groove — A downtempo excursion into the Asian
underground, featuring dZihan & Kamien, Nitin Sawney, Najma, Stoppa & Nobby and more.
° Quango Brazilified — Where Brazilian rhythms collide with club culture, featuring Jazzanova, Mr. Gone, Da Lata and more.
° Quango Space Jazz — A downtempo excursion of trip hop, jazz and rock, featuring Tosca, Akasha, Love TKO and more.
° Quango Dub Selector — A contemporary look into modern dub by
electronic artists, featuring Groove Corp, Seven Dub, Keiser Volten and more.
° Quango Lush Life Electronica — Hybrids in ambient electronic music to chill to, featuring John Beltram, Move D, Soul Circuit and more.
CONTACT: Palm Pictures, New York Diane Fortier, 212/506-5869 or Motormouth Media, Los Angeles Judy Miller, 323/662-3865

Music Personal

Deep house compilations & albums I’ve enjoyed

Here’s a list of some of the recent deep house stuff I’ve enjoyed…
I love the Ian Pooley album “Since Then” and I bet you’ll love it too.
The Jazzanova Remixes album is phenomenal…
The Glucklich compilations are phenomenal…
NRK NiteLife has a new Miguel Migs compilation that is supposed to be good but I haven’t heard it yet.
Turbo Records has 2 compilations I love – Jesper Dahlback is the DJ. Stockholm Sessions and Stockholm Sessions 2 is the name and Turbo is maybe a little more tech-deep house but these compilations are very deep and sometimes jazzy, sometimes tech-y.
Plus the ADNY stuff is great too…
The new Earth 4 is not so much drum’n’bass but much more house. I was very surprised because I love the Earth series for drum’n’bass but when the new one went to the house side I was very happy.
One of my favorite deep house compilations is the Harry the Bastard: presents Club H series by Statra. I think both #1 and #2 are phenomenal and I think you would love them too.
Probably my all-time favorite is the Tom Middleton Jedi’s Knight Out CD on Mixer/DMC. This was the CD that opened the doors to deep house for me. Now I love anything and everything by Tom Middleton!
Trip Do Brazil (mixed by Joe Claussell) is amazing but I’m sure you know this one.
Of course you own the Bossa Tres…Jazz and the Bossa Mundo, right?
Hed Kandi is very, very good overall but the best one is Beach House
I love this one so much!
I bought the Paradisiac on Universal (2CD) and it was good but not so house-y, more jazzy and downtempo but still nice.
I know we have already discussed it but no list of deep house compilations is complete without Lazy Dog!
I know you have this one too Essential Mix: Francois K but I have to put it in the list…amazing compilation of not so much deep house but incredible nonetheless.
Naked Music has so many good compilations out but I think my favorite is “Carte Blanche”
OM Records has a bunch of great house stuff…
I like the “Mark Farina: San Francisco Sessions” and the “Andy Caldwell: Sounds of OM2”
Distance Music, which is probably most famous for Kevin Yost, Larry Heard and Shazz also has great compilations by Jef K and DJ Deep.
I have not heard this European Community mix but the track listing is phenomenal!
this is older but Nuphonic has some great stuff like the “Rootdown 99” and the Nuphonic 02 compilation
Guidance has the Mundial Muzique and Copamundial Muzique which are both execellent
also the Mateo & Matos compilation is very good
Yellow has the great More Bossa remix album and the “Bossa Tres…Jazz” album that started the bossa/Japan/craze…
Svek has some great stuff too…
Finally, the older 16b stuff is so amazing, most importantly the debut album “Sounds from Another Room.” Most people know his newer trancier stuff but I love his older deep tech house.

Hope this is enough info for you!



Hybrid DJ set in NYC (Feb 01)

Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 19:36:22 -0500
From: Gen Kanai <>
Subject: 2/16 report from NYC…Hybrid DJ set

Hey everyone,

Quick note about last night: the venue SUCKED, I mean it was horrendous. I’m gonna email Kinetic to complain because it was so bad. No bass whatsoever. I mean the soundsystem consisted of 20 speakers (each with one tweeter and one 5″ driver) and 2 JBL EONs (which suck! in comparison to the Mackie SRM450s) for DJ monitors. NO BASS WHATSOEVER. It was like 20 bookshelf speakers on a truss on the ceiling and NOTHING else. No bass cabinets, no nothing. It was a joke. The fact that the club is on the first floor of an apartment building isn’t a good sign. People at the club told me that the people living in the building always complained to the police so they don’t have any bass. What good is a nightclub without bass? Not much!

The set was decent but leaned heavily towards their newer stuff, sounding very much like a nu skool/progressive breaks set more than anything else. Just to clarify, my ideal live set would be something like the Chemistry Club set, but seeing that that music is 2-3 years old and that they weren’t doing a live PA, it was still great.

I got to the club early thinking that there might be a long line. Nothing of the sort. I was the first one online. Then I looked at the ticket I had bought at Satellite Records on Thursday night. It was “ticket #1.” And the guest list was mad long- like 100 people on the guest list. How they made any money- I don’t know. The club was reasonably packed but I’d imaging half of them were guest-listed.

I overheard that Hybrid is in town working with Moby on something new but I didn’t hear what. I think Kinetic kinda just whipped this event up on short notice, with almost no promotion, but still the venue was so poor and lacking that I have to complain. Hybrid really deserves the Twilo soundsystem, not this joke system at this lame club on 23rd st. I’m never going back there again (for other reasons too, detailed below.)

Anyway, after I had gotten in early, I found out that they weren’t going to go on until 1am. I had other stuff to do between 10pm and 1am so I wanted to leave and come back. The Kinetic people at the door were considerate and kind enough to put me on the list so I could get back in. But the bouncer outside gave me shit about leaving and he said that I wasn’t going to be let back in unless I paid again. So I said “whatever” and went to another club to say happy birthday to a friend.

When I tried to get back in a little before 1AM, the bouncer was like “pay me $15” or you cant get in. I wasn’t about to argue with the 350 pounds of him. So I kinda hung around out front on my cell phone trying to decide what to do. I didn’t want to pay again but I wanted to hear Hybrid! I was about to leave to go to the other club where my friend was having a birthday party (I didn’t want to pay twice not because I couldn’t afford it, but on principle, when there were so many people getting in for free on guestlists) when the Hybrid boys showed up in a taxi.

I politely asked Mike and Chris (Lee wasn’t around for some reason) for their signature on my “Wide Angle” vinyl and they were really polite. They said that they hadn’t seen an original copy of “Wide Angle” in some time (mine is numbered #662- are they limited edition?) When he asked me if I was going to go in I told Mike, “I want to, and I’ve paid, but I’m having some trouble with the bouncer.” Anyway, to make a long story short, Mike walked me in right in front of him and the bouncer was so pissed off but wasn’t going to stop me walking in with the guys. It was a VERY gentlemanly thing to do and I’ll never forget it!

Please give my best to Mike and Chris,



Feb Vinyl Hunt report

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 13:56:36 -0500
To:, Deepness <>,
From: Gen Kanai <>
Subject: February 2001 vinyl hunt report

Hi everyone,

It’s been months since I’ve gone vinyl hunting here in NYC and while I’ve found a few new gems (OM’s new Andy Caldwell is GORGEOUS!) most of this stuff was late 2000 or even older stuff.

The “Swell Session” 12″ is sold out everywhere I’ve gone and the buzz on this one is growing quickly.

* * *

Andy Caldwell feat. Gina René “Quiet Nights” (OM Records, om-054sv)
This is a beautiful track that everyone HAS to check out. Gina sings the lyrics from Jobim’s “Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)” on top of Andy’s deep house. It’s a got that “summertime” feel to it and would fit really well on Hed Kandi’s “Beach House 2” if they’re planning it (I’ll wager that they are 🙂 I like the Original Mix but there’s a “Chiquito Pacheco Remix” that has the broken beat thing going on too.

Hat’s off to OM because they keep on raising the level of quality of the house they’re releasing and finally spending more than a little time and money on the cover art/design too. The new OM vinyl really stands out among the faceless vinyl that’s out there and the music is EVEN BETTER than the sleeve art (which is as it should be.) I know I have some of Andy Caldwell’s older vinyl but this record is deep house at it’s most beautiful. If I find one track of this quality a month, I’m doing well. Does anyone know if Gina Rene is Gabriel Rene’s sister? (That would be pretty cool…)

Uschi presents “Tiramisu (Deep Joy/ Expression Mix)” (Released 4 Pleasure Records)
Uschi Classen is more famous for her Compost releases but has worked with such luminaries as Ballistic Brothers, Black Science Orchestra, Ashley Beedle, Maria Nayler and Andrea Parker in the past. This one is a groovy medium-tempo house track, not to be missed if you liked the Classen Collective stuff (although these remixes are more house than jazz oriented.)

gerardo frisina “descarga” (Schema, SCEP 327)
This is a strong jazzy 12″ in the Schema style. Very groovy and uptempo with nice keyboard solos and solid percussion. No lyrics. Definitely worth checking out if you like it very jazzy. It’s hard to think of this track as “dance” music per se but it’s certainly danceable!

Shazz & Alexandre Destrez “Hermosa Maria” (Epic/Sony)
The “Latin Hip House Mix” is getting a lot of mentions on deep house DJ playlists. I think it’s a great deep Latin house track but kind of subtle to a certain extent. No specific “hook” per se, just a good groove and deepness. My friend DJ Desmond likes the “Original Mix” for use in his downtempo/acid-jazz sets, so this is a versatle 12″

Shazz featuring Alexandre Destrez “Afrodisiac” (DeNote Records)
Not broken beat but not your typical 4/4 either- maybe classify it as break-house? 😉 This one’s infectious in a subtle way. Some very groovy basslines and of course some very smooth Rhodes by Destrez. Shazz is pretty busy with the releases these days! This one is worth checking out.

Da Lata “Pra Manha Remixes” (Palm Pictures Promo)
(Patrick Forge/Toni Economidies P&T mix & bonus beats, KV5 remix & instrumental, Blaze remix & instrumental, IG Culture remix & instrumental)
This is a Brazilian House goldmine! 2 Remixes each by Blaze, P&T, I.G. Culture and KV5. You gotta check this one! As if the original wasn’t the most gorgeous Da Lata track- the remixes give you more options when you want to kick it up yet remind everyone of the beauty of the original. The Blaze remixes are great 4/4 tracks while the I.G. Culture ones break it up a bit. I’ve seen this 2×12″ for $14 and $10 so shop around.

B.M.R. Pres. Level 42 “Starchild” (Peppermint Jam)
Those of you who remember Disco first-hand will no doubt remember this huge Level 42 disco anthem. It’s been given a new house remix in a very friendly style by B.M.R. (Boris Dlugosch and Miki Lange.) I’m not necessarily a Dlugosch fan so even if you aren’t check out this one- it’s a really fun house track which everyone will recognize because of the Level 42 track. I have the original on the “Francois Kevorian: Essential Mix,” CD which is really good in it’s own right.

Mondo Grosso “Butterfly” (Epic/Sony)
There’s a niche segment of dance music fans (I’d have to include myself in this niche 🙂 that gets _a_little_insane_ every time there’s a new Monday Michiru 12″ or LP. They somehow congregate around Dub Spot Records in New York City, but that’s a story for another day 🙂 Anyhow, this is Monday’s clear voice singing on Shinichi Osawa’s Mondo Grosso project. The two have a long musical relationship and history together. The original is a broken beat house track, but my favorite is the “Francois K Jazzy Vibe Mix.” Some people think FK is over-rated. I personally think he’s under-rated but that’s yet another different story 🙂 Don’t get caught paying $30 for this import, but don’t miss it! Some shops are carrying the Japan vinyl which is outrageously expensive. The English pressing is just as good and is only $9.98 where I found it (Throb in NYC.)

Glücklich IV LP (Compost)
I doubt I have to explain much about one of the best Brazilian-influenced dance compilations around. Buscemi, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Minus 8, Gotan Project, Mark De Clive-Lowe, what are you waiting for! I’m dying to find out what kind of VW they’ll use for the next LP’s cover 🙂 Maybe it’ll be a VW airplane or truck?

Glücklich IV 12″ (Compost 083)
This is a 12″ from the Glücklich IV album that was released separately from the vinyl release (I don’t have the CD version to compare it to.) It has the Truby Trio track “Alegre” and Wei Chi’s “Heaven” and Coisa Nossa fea. Salome de Bahia’s “Procurando O Caminho.” This 3 track sampler along with the LP gives you all 14 tracks that are on the CD.

A:xus Feat. Naomi “Baghdad Cafe” (Guidance, GDR054, 1999)
An oldie but a goodie. My friend Desmond thinks it’s the only strong song from the A:xus album and I’m inclined to agree. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before- it’s on a bunch of compilations. Breathy female vocals, groovy house beat, better than “typical Guidance,” if you ask me. It’s a quiet record though- moody and contemplative (if you can call a dance music record that 😉

trio electrico “coconut groove” (Stereo Deluxe)
This is an older (2000?) Stereo Deluxe release that fits into my Latin dance collection well. Pretty eclectic and groovy with a lot of varying sounds and not a straight house sound by any means. Not lounge-ish, but not 4/4 either. Some of this almost sounds cinematic at times. It has a Latin flavor, but pretty electronic at it’s core. I’m usually a fan of Stereo Deluxe releases so I’m happy with this one too.

* * *

So that’s what’s on my turntables this month. How about you?