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Mozilla Europe marketing

Very interesting job for the right person. Want to work for Mozilla in Europe? – Standblog

Joost invites

GigaOM has arranged to have a site for free invites into the Joost beta. If you haven’t tried out Joost, please give it a go. You’ll probably be surprised to hear that the technology that Joost is built on is

offline storage in Firefox

Here’s a bunch of links to posts about offline storage in Firefox. DOM:Storage – MDC Firefox 3 To Support Offline Apps Bluish Coder: Offline Zimbra with Firefox Well, I’m Back: Offline Web Applications John Resig – Offline Events Mark Finkle‚Äôs

the cost of monoculture

(I am still preparing for posts on my China trip, but I wanted to first address the issue of monoculture as it is very relevant now.) What would you say if I told you that there was a nation that


Looks interesting. In a nutshell, I’m exploring ways for you to use your network of trusted friends to determine what’s good, bad, and dangerous on the internet. Outfoxed does this by adding functionality to the Firefox web browser. What is