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my weekend

I’ll be at Motegi for the Japan MotoGP qualifiers on Saturday. Sunday, I’ll be at the “Is Open Source Art Possible?” symposium, which is being sponsored by Mozilla Japan. It’s free so hope to see you there!

Tour de France

, originally uploaded by cmadrigal. Kawasaki is sponsoring the Tour de France in 2006. You will see other camera bikes, often big BMWs, in the reporting, but the official bike is Kawasaki.

My Sunday in Oiso

What I did this weekend. Riding Sun Yamaha test ride

Love is my message

So crazy! Michael Jackson hawking Suzuki scooters!! Look at him then vs. now. 🙁

helmet camera catches bad driver

This lady motorcyclist in Los Angeles had her helmet camera on when a car in the lane next to her had an accident and caused her to crash into the car. At the time of this posting, there’s 16 pages