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I installed Leopard on my old PBG4 last weekend. I did a clean install and am slowly moving over prefs and files (iPhoto and iTunes moved over.) In general I like Leopard and it runs fast on my old 1 …

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One of the biggest changes for me with computing on the Macintosh has been the amount of PDFs I generate. The Mac OS allows any application to “print to PDF” which is an amazing feature for obvious reasons. That and …

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For those of us on newer Intel Macs who need to access Windows PCs remotely… Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.0 (Beta)

Longish profile of Steve Jobs by John Heileman in New York Magazine: Steve Jobs in a Box.

Now that Microsoft will not be supporting Window Media Player for the Mac, they are providing a free plugin to view Window Media files in Quicktime. Windows Media� Components for QuickTime