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no separate desktop images for Spaces in Leopard

I installed Leopard on my old PBG4 last weekend. I did a clean install and am slowly moving over prefs and files (iPhoto and iTunes moved over.) In general I like Leopard and it runs fast on my old 1

printing to PDF

One of the biggest changes for me with computing on the Macintosh has been the amount of PDFs I generate. The Mac OS allows any application to “print to PDF” which is an amazing feature for obvious reasons. That and

Remote Desktop now a Universal Binary

For those of us on newer Intel Macs who need to access Windows PCs remotely… Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.0 (Beta)

Steve Jobs in a Box

Longish profile of Steve Jobs by John Heileman in New York Magazine: Steve Jobs in a Box.

Flip4Mac reaches 1.0

Now that Microsoft will not be supporting Window Media Player for the Mac, they are providing a free plugin to view Window Media files in Quicktime. Windows Media� Components for QuickTime