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suggestion to Brian Chen of

To Brian Chen of the polite thing to do, after mis-representing two sources (Nobi Hayashi and Daiji Hirata) whom you have never met, would be to APOLOGIZE and fix the mess. This “Here’s why I didn’t ‘screw up’ and

promoting iPhone in Japan

Softbank’s comic commercials to promote their mobile service are now promoting the iPhone in Japan with Aya Ueto and Dante Carver and the rest of the White Family clan. More background on this series here: Shiba SoftBank Ads – Part

this week went by too fast

Some links of note… What I Learned at (Mashup) Camp: There was one common denominator, however: JavaScript. Nearly everyone was using it in some capacity, and one or two applications were nearly 100% JavaScript. Apple pushing Safari downloads on Windows

I want a Penryn Macbook Pro too

I’m with Wes Felter.

lost my Airport

For those of us Mac-users, the recent Apple Security Update 2007-009 v1.1 has created a lot of havoc on users’ machines. After I installed the security update, I restarted the machine and lost access to my Airport wireless card. I