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backup strategies?

Hi everyone- for those of you who keep regular backups, I’d love to hear what/how you do that. My challenge is that I have 2 machines (work MacBookPro, personal Powerbook) and separate drives for media (I keep my iTunes library

AIM host refuses my connection

AIM host refuses my connection.jpg, originally uploaded by Gen Kanai. I have no idea if this is iChat or AIM or what, but I get this EVERYDAY and it is SO FARKING ANNOYING!!! MSN logs me in each and every

LaCie SilverKeeper

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a good backup solution for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger.) Carbon Copy Cloner, which I used with Panther hasn’t been updated yet. I see that LaCie’s SilverKeeper product is freeware and is updated for Tiger. Anyone

Thunderbird in Japan

Hi everyone, This is a lazyweb request for those of you who might be using Thunderbird (English) with Japanese email. In the past, I’ve used Apple and Microsoft Entourage with no problems. I’ve just installed Thunderbird and want to

Lazyweb: keyboard driver?

Hi folks, I’m looking for a driver for a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite. The MSFT site doesn’t seem to have it as far as I can tell. Anyone know where I can find one elsewhere? Google hasn’t helped yet…