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where Google is not leading

The FT has a good overview of some markets where Google is not leading search including China, Korea, Japan, Russia, Czech Rep. In addition to these, you can add Taiwan too. If there are other markets where Google isn’t leading,

the tyranny of QWERTY

I have a longer discussion about whether the iPhone will do well in Japan planned for when I have more than a moment to blog, but I wanted to point folks to an article on alternative interfaces to computers which


It’s great to see a non-Western web service (in this case, the Korean wiki service SpringNote) getting a thorough review at ReadWrite Web. It’s disappointing that SpringNote, who is trying to appeal to users outside of Korea, did not invest

an update on the cost of monoculture

Some of you may remember a popular post I had earlier this year called “the cost of monoculture” which looked at the de-facto monopoly that Microsoft Internet Explorer has in South Korea for a number of historical and technical reasons.

billions and billions in Asia…

I don’t have time to parse this article. Hoping Fukumimi will do it for me 🙂 In Asia, Private Equity Is Still Bullish – New York Times