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why the Japanese are so bad at English

Matt Alt explains why this: 指定された暗証番号をお忘れの場合は、列車終着駅でお荷物の引渡しとなります。 becomes this… When the set combination is forgotten, it becomes a delivery of the spare prick in the train terminal station. I’d laugh if it wasn’t such a simple error. It’s also prominently displayed

Krugman disagrees with Hiroko Tabuchi

Last week Hiroko Tabuchi’s article in the NYT, Rising Debt a Threat to Japanese Economy, painted a pretty grim picture of Japan’s significant debt and what that could mean to the future of Japan. What many may not have seen

Good Ideas Salon – Tokyo

After the GLOCOM event on Oct. 20th, I’m headed to the Good Ideas Salon, Tokyo, where three people I know are speaking. I’ve known Peter Rojas since the early days of Gizmodo, where I was an early contributor. Danny is

GLOCOM Forum 2009

Just a quick note to mention that I will be attending the GLOCOM Forum 2009 event, as Kevin Werbach (who I know via Jerry Michalski) is speaking.

The Japanese population according to the average person.

moar funny pictures