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Hatoyama exit interview

There’s so much to be angry about with the Hatoyama exit and this exit interview just makes me mad all over again. The DPJ had a historic opportunity, the end of the 50-year rule of the LDP, and the chosen

Uniqlo in New York Magazine

Lengthy and very positive profile of Uniqlo in New York Magazine. Uniqlones: Seemingly out of nowhere, their cheap, skinny rainbow-colored basics became a kind of New York uniform. Just how did the Japanese discount brand become the hottest retailer in

How Abercrombie is failing in Japan

Excellent piece in BoF re: Abercrombie’s attempt to launch in Japan. Marx goes over all the key areas (so many!) where Abercrombie is failing in Japan. TOKYO, Japan — After several years of “will they or won’t they” speculation, American

Japan turning around?

Two unrelated news pieces from Business Week today caught my eye: Japan Is Best Investment Idea for 2010, Wien Says Japanese stocks may be the best bet among the world’s biggest markets in 2010 as the economy improves, according to

Richard Katz on Japanese debt

Richard Katz of The Oriental Economist provides a counter-argument to the mainstream worries about Japanese government debt. I’m leaning more towards Katz but am looking for more guidance. Now Is Not the Time to Fret About Tokyo’s Debts