Category: Japan – Japanese students being left out in trend of international hiring

With Japan’s domestic market expected to shrink because of the low birthrate and graying society, Japanese companies are expanding into overseas markets. Hiring people with experience abroad is simply part of their global strategies. Japanese students who remain in Japan

Translation of Keiji Inafune’s Capcom departure interview – NeoGAF

Translation of an interview with legendary Japanese game designer, Keiji Inafune, where he announces his resignation from Capcom. If anyone doubts that Japan’s “soft power” is in jeopardy, this is an important data point. KI: Even when I submitted my

Jan Hatzius and Paul Krugman on Japan’s lost decade

Very sobering. All of this is very familiar if you studied Japan in the ’90s. In fact, we’re [USA] doing worse than the Japanese did. Our monetary policy is a bit more aggressive, but our fiscal policy has been less

Takeaway From Japan’s 20-Year Malaise

Thus Japan’s 20-year malaise has been a comedy of policy errors. Listening to people like ex-bank governor Mieno and veteran politician/finance bureaucrat Kaoru Yosano gives a big hint why, i.e., there is a severe lack of critical thinking and a

James Fallows on China vs. Japan

James Fallows, one of my favorite journalists, who is currently at The Atlantic, was interviewed on Bob Edwards’ radio show. Fallows’ opinions and insights are really valuable to me because he lived in Japan in the 1980s for a number