Poetry of Hiratsuka Raicho, Japanese suffragette, 1911

The new woman; I am a new woman.
I seek, I strive each day to be that truly new woman I want to be.
In truth, that eternally new being is the sun.
I am the sun.
I seek; I strive each day to be the sun I want to be.
The new woman curses yesterday. . . .
The new woman is not satisfied with the life of the kind of woman who is made ignorant, made a slave, made a piece of meat by male selfishness.
The new woman seeks to destroy the old morality and laws created for male advantage. . . .
The new woman does not merely destroy the old morality and laws constructed out of male selfishness, but day by day attempts to create a new kingdom, where a new religion, a new morality, and new laws are carried out, based on the spiritual values and surpassing brilliance of the sun.
Truly, the creation of this new kingdom is the mission of women. . . .
The new woman is not simply covetous of power for its own sake. She seeks power to complete her mission, to be able to endure the exertion and agony of learning and cultivating issues unknown to her. . . .
The new woman today seeks neither beauty nor virtue. She is simply crying out for strength, the strength to create this still unknown kingdom, the strength to fulfill her own hallowed mission.

– Hiratsuka Raicho, Japanese sufragette, 1911


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