I don’t watch a lot of TV, so when I do find myself in front of one, I’m easily mesmerized.
So a device like TV-B-Gone is actually practical for me, and philosophically I love the idea of a device like this.

Altman’s key-chain fob was a TV-B-Gone, a new universal remote that turns off almost any television. The device, which looks like an automobile remote, has just one button. When activated, it spends over a minute flashing out 209 different codes to turn off televisions, the most popular brands first.
For Altman, founder of Silicon Valley data-storage maker 3ware, the TV-B-Gone is all about freeing people from the attention-sapping hold of omnipresent television programming. The device is also providing hours of entertainment for its inventor.

Wired News: Inventor Rejoices as TVs Go Dark

Gizmo Japan Photo

FujiFilm Natura S and ISO 1600

In this age of digital cameras, it’s nice to see that FujiFilm is still building new cameras and new film emulsions. Kurt Easterwood pointed us to the new Fujifilm Natura S, which is a 24mm f1.9 point-and-shoot. They also have a new film emulsion, a color negative 1600 ISO film, also branded Natura. No one knows too much about either yet, but as I am a sucker for wide-angle cameras, this one has caught my eye. I think it will be around $300 US.
Fujifilm Natura S and Fujifilm Natura 1600


firewire audio interfaces

Just some links I need for considering a firewire audio interface. Leaning towards the Roland/Edirol FA-101.
Be careful with M-Audio Firewire!
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OS X Audio — FW 410 and hot-plugging…
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my G5 firewire port is DEAD . maybe my fault
OS X Audio — Edirol FA-101 – has anyone got one yet?
DaVinci’s Edirol FireWire FA-101 Review – Discussion at Scott R. Garrigus’ DigiFreq – [hardware] FA-101 – Electronic Music 411
EDIROL FA-101 ?? – Powered by Infopop


Fazal Majid’s gadget bag

Oooooo…. Lots of cool stuff in Fazal’s gadget bag! Go take a look 🙂
What’s in my gadget bag?


1080p = 3Gbps

This is mainly a post for my friend Matthew 🙂
However, 3Gbps is “frickin’ insane with lasers.”
Communications Engineering & Design “1080p: HD luxury or necessity?”