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Why is everyone saying “fail” all of a sudden?

Japanese video game mistranslations are responsible for the FAIL meme. It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the first reference, given how common the verb fail is, but online commenters suggest it started with a 1998 Neo Geo arcade game called Blazing

leaving Warcraft

I haven’t logged into Warcraft in over a month. Haven’t really been playing regularly since late summer. Don’t really feel a need to. Haven’t hit 60, and can’t really see myself investing the time to hit 60 and now 70.

Socialtext PR in WoW

Socialtext press conference in Warcraft FTW! Ross Mayfield’s Weblog: Press Conference in World of Warcraft

profile of Joi Ito

Good profile of Joi. He’s not a communist. 🙂 Master of multitasking revels in ‘cyber-elite’ life []

We Know Downs Rag!

We Know Downs Rag!, originally uploaded by Arzozah. Congrats to We Know for killing Ragnaros!