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to love money above anything else

Michael Lewis has a fascinating review of a new biography of Warren Buffett, The Master of Money, by Alice Schroeder. Buffett apparently had dinner at Akio Morita’s house and did not eat any of the food. He avoids social conflict,

Things to avoid when eating in restaurants

An old article from 2000 but I had not seen it before. Things to avoid when eating in restaurants

Italian farmers pin beef hopes on Japanese cows – Yahoo! News

Having spent a decent amount of time enjoying the cuisine of both Italy and Japan, this is good news! A farm near Milan is raising Japanese Wagyu cows to woo meat-loving Italians with the world’s most expensive Kobe steaks. The

Michelin Guide Tokyo list

I have only thumbed through a friend’s copy of the recently released (and now sold out) Michelin Guide Tokyo. I have only been to a handful of the restaurants in the guide (maybe 5-7 of the 1 stars.) It is

Ivan Ramen

The WSJ has a nice profile of chef Ivan Orkin, [Trying to Out-Noodle the Japanese – ]who has opened a ramen restaurant, Ivan Ramen, in Setagaya. I hope to make it over there and try a bowl.