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Mozilla Japan mascot

We’re creating a mascot for Mozilla Japan. We’re asking everyone to help us name our new mascot. The contest runs from 9/1 to 9/14. If you can’t read Japanese, please put your suggested name in the upper box and your

sleipnir defaults to Google

Just a small data point. Fenrir, the company that makes the “sleipnir” browser that is popular with some Japanese Internet uses (and like Maxthon, allows the user to switch between the IE/Trident rendering engine as well as the Firefox/Gecko engine) – Mozilla

My friend Yongfook, who’s behind Pingmag, podcast network ZapZap, strange Japanese food reviews, and to-do list maker Orchestrate, has a fun group in his new sketching community: – Mozilla is asking it’s readers to sketch the Mozilla monster

discussion on contagious behavior

Nice video from the 2006 AlwaysOn Stanford Summit on the “secret behind contagious behavior” with Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker as well as some other great speakers. What is the secret behind contagious behavior? – AlwaysOn Stanford Summit More information on


I agree with Paul 🙂 Do yourself a favor. Don’t bother installing Windows Live Writer. Go get Firefox, and load the excellent Performancing extension. It does everything (useful) Live Writer does (and more), it’s free and open source, and it’s