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Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript and CTO at Mozilla, presented this at The Ajax Experience. Firefox, JavaScript, and the Web via Goodpic

Firefox 2 download banners are available in Japanese now. Firefox 2 ダウンロードバナーを日本語版作りました。 皆さんお使い下さい。 あなたのサイトやブログにも、ぜひ Firefox のバナーを貼ってください!

Firefox 2 is now available for download! Official comments from Mozilla: Firefox — Moving the Internet Forward [Mozilla CEO, Mitchell Baker] Mozilla Releases Major Update to Firefox and Raises the Bar for Online Experience [] My favorite new extension 🙂 …

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J. Paul Reed, Mozilla’s build and release engineer has an important note for everyone who is rushing to grab Firefox 2 in advance of our launch. So please… just remember: “Preed the Release Engineer says: friends don’t let friends download …

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ITpro is quite quick! Yes, Window Snyder is joining Mozilla! We’re very excited 🙂 元Microsoftセキュリティ担当者のWindow Snyder氏がMozillaに schrep’s blog: Welcome to Window Snyder!