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Together with Foxkeh

If you don’t have enough of Mozilla Japan’s mascot, Foxkeh, in your life, then you should download the new extension for Firefox which features Foxkeh all over the browser. Together with Foxkeh

profile of Joi Ito

Good profile of Joi. He’s not a communist. 🙂 Master of multitasking revels in ‘cyber-elite’ life []

Time Magazine on Firefox 2

This is awesome. By now you may have heard that the makers of the two leading web browsers launched their latest totally free editions, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla’s Firefox 2, within a week of each other. Feature-wise, most

Shuttleworth on Ubuntu and Firefox

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, talks about why Ubuntu is able to ship with Firefox. I’m glad that we are able to work with the Ubuntu team as I think they have the best chance at a

HBS on Mozilla

I know this is over 6 months old, but even after 6 months it astounds me. Two Harvard Business School professors publish a “strategy” paper in 2006 about the 1996-1999 Netscape – Microsoft web browser wars. Economic and Technical Drivers