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Comscore undercounts Firefox

Self-explanatory. 5. Firefox and Safari. We knew that Comscore’s toolbar did not work on Safari, and therefore did not count the typically sophisticated users of the Apple Mac internet browser. But I hadn’t realized how much Comscore undercounted usage of

new year, new blog

Foxkeh’s blog has been renewed for 2007. Enjoy! フォクすけ*ブログ

oh no Firefox!


Window in Japan

Window Snyder is in Japan this week. She presented on Tuesday at the Email Security Conference and is attending PacSec. We lined up an interview for her with Nikkei ITPRO. Window Snyder氏が語る「Mozillaのセキュリティ」:ITpro

Firefox 2 in Taiwan

So awesome! Mozilla Taiwan volunteers spread the word about Firefox in downtown Taipei. CCB 2.0 (beta): Firefox (the real one) in Taipei