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Changwon Kim has news on his blog that Cyworld is quitting the US market: Cyworld pulling plugs from US. Cause of failure? Well, for starters (the obvious ones): Cyworld didn’t seem to have sharp strategies as to how to position …

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Look at Meg Whitman’s grimace. Ouch. For eBay, It’s About Political Connections in China – New York Times Related, of course: EBay Is Expected to Close Its Auction Site in China – New York Times , the main competitor to Google’s Froogle product search (ecommerce search) has come out of Beta. On first glance they look a LOT like Google in terms of their search results. Susan Mernit’s Blog: 3.2 billion web pages … – ecommerce search Read More »

For those of you who have Amazon Japan affliate accounts, there are now handy bookmarklets for Firefox for G-Tools, which is the best interface to Amazon Japan. FireFoxの検索バーからG-Toolsを利用できるプラグイン:Goodpic

John Battelle, who runs Searchblog and was a co-founder of Wired magazine and The Industry Standard, is chairing O’Reilly’s newest conference, Web 2.0, which is looking at the web as a platform. It looks like a phenomenal event and I …

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