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Thom Hogan – 2009 Nikon Predictions

2009 Nikon Predictions Worth perusing if you are drooling over expensive DSLRS…and something of a misnomer as Thom opines on Canon and Sony and others too.

6/15 World Business Forum – Tokyo

I will be attending the World Business Forum in Tokyo on June 15th organized by the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College (my alma mater.) This year’s conference is on China and how to succeed in China, with specific

Dartmouth: responsible investing

Justin Ruben ’95 has a powerful op-ed in The Dartmouth on the topic of responsible investing and the trend for universities to invest via hedge funds, which often obscure their investment vehicles. As institutional investors who collectively control almost $200

Dartmouth, WiFi, WLAN

Back when I went to school, we didnt have no wireless lan, no Windows PCs, no Ethernet, no web browsers. We used gopher and we liked it, dammit! Kids these days…don’t remember the days before the Intarweb…when we had to

Michael Arad, architect

Michael was at Dartmouth at the same time I was and we were acquaintances through some mutual friends. He also worked at KPF, (Kohn, Pedersen, Fox) where another friend of mine was working, when I ran into him on the