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Chenggang Rui on China and Japan

I first met Chenggang Rui at the 2006 Asia Society Young Leaders Summit in Seoul. I had no idea he was younger than me as he had a self-confidence of years beyond his actual age. The NY Times has a

Nothing But Net

This is a few months late but JP Morgan’s Imran Khan has a lengthy 2009 Internet Investment Guide (or here) out that is worth reading for it’s coverage of China, Korea and Russia.

Benjamin Joffe – Asia’s Best of Breed

I really enjoyed Benjamin’s newest presentation on Asian Internet businesses in comparison to Western ones. Presentation at eComm in San Francisco in March 2009 about Asian mobile ecosystem, especially Japan, and comparisons with Apple’s iPhone and Facebook. Some extra like

MacKinnon to Obama – in Talking to China, Remember its People

Great letter to President Obama from Rebecca MacKinnon. Just as you have used new technology to engage with the American electorate, your China policy can be greatly strengthened if you conduct a real conversation with the Chinese people. Listen as

CCTV Reporter’s Arrest Causes a Stir

The Wall Street Journal is reporting about a the arrest of a CCTV reporter in Beijing by policemen from Shanxi Province, China, which is newsworthy because CCTV is the Chinese Government’s official TV station: CCTV Reporter’s Arrest Causes a Stir.