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quick post bookmarklet for MT 4.2

Does anyone have the code for the quick post bookmarklet that will work in Firefox 3.0 and MT 4.2? And I don’t mean the default bookmarklet which is worthless. I mean one that returns a workable link and title. Why

the consumer web services challenge of East Asia

Changwon Kim has news on his blog that Cyworld is quitting the US market: Cyworld pulling plugs from US. Cause of failure? Well, for starters (the obvious ones): Cyworld didn’t seem to have sharp strategies as to how to position

upgraded to MT 4.2

Just upgraded to MT 4.2. Please test the comments to see if this is working. I’ll start blogging again if my comments start working.

Yahoo! Dethroned in Taiwan now #1 site (by traffic) in Taiwan. If the reported purchase price is true, it was a very good purchase. was ranked the top Web site in Taiwan in a top-100 list tabulated by Business Next, a local

New design; still work to do

As you can see, I’ve finally fully upgraded to MT 4.01 with a new design. My old weblog design was many years old and with the help of a good friend (thank you BA!) I’m finally in 2008. My comments