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Evan Osnos – Letter from China

If you’re not reading Evan Osnos’ “Letter from China” blog in the New Yorker, you should be. For much of the past two decades, the obstacles facing foreign entrepreneurs have been structural: bureaucratic delays, restrictions on moving foreign currency, and

KevJumba on ‘Dragonball Evolution’

I think the only mainstream movie Hollywood has produced with Asian leads is the “Harold and Kumar” series, which is fun on it’s own merit but is not an accurate representation of Asians in America. Skip this movie, it’s awful.

MacKinnon to Obama – in Talking to China, Remember its People

Great letter to President Obama from Rebecca MacKinnon. Just as you have used new technology to engage with the American electorate, your China policy can be greatly strengthened if you conduct a real conversation with the Chinese people. Listen as

2009 Tokyo Bloggers New Years Meetup

Happy new year everyone. I plan to attend the 2009 Tokyo Bloggers New Years Meetup on Jan. 17th here in Tokyo.  If you’d like to attend, please contact TPR over at Trans-Pacific Radio.

2008 – Change and Japanese Politics

If you read only one article on Japanese politics this year, make it Tobias Harris‘ overview of 2008 at N√©ojaponisme 2008: Change and Politics One way or another, Japan needs political change. The latest economic downturn will only exacerbate the