Author: w31s

Toyota 2000GT

DSC00756.JPG, originally uploaded by quanza. If I was very wealthy, I’d own one of these.

We Know Downs Rag!

We Know Downs Rag!, originally uploaded by Arzozah. Congrats to We Know for killing Ragnaros!

Tour de France

, originally uploaded by cmadrigal. Kawasaki is sponsoring the Tour de France in 2006. You will see other camera bikes, often big BMWs, in the reporting, but the official bike is Kawasaki.

Internet Explorer family photograph

Internet Explorer family photograph, originally uploaded by Gen Kanai. This is why Virtual PC is so interesting. You can’t normally run 4 different versions of IE on Windows.

2006 Taiwan Blogger BoF

IMG_0003.JPG, originally uploaded by Yoshigi. April 15, Taipei. See you there!