3 comments on “Rest in peace Mark Alpen
  1. H Marc Lewis says:

    Godspeed Mark, you ol’ hoser! You’d be embarrassed by how many people love you. People whose lives are going to be the poorer if you leave us. But, hey, if it’s time to move on, then do so with this guy’s blessing. Love ‘ya!

  2. Jack Walshe says:

    Super sad…

    Mark, a model of manhood
    always quick with the kind word,
    always felt good to be around
    I want to be just like him when I grow up

    soon we will all be carving the heavenly twisties together…

  3. Ln says:

    Thank you, Gen, for your kind thoughts and wishes. I love this picture of Mark. It expresses him so well – sitting on a bike, smiling at a friend.