Hatoyama exit interview

There’s so much to be angry about with the Hatoyama exit and this exit interview just makes me mad all over again. The DPJ had a historic opportunity, the end of the 50-year rule of the LDP, and the chosen successor, Hatoyama, bungled so much that he didn’t even last one year.
The sad reality is that there is little to no value of being a politician in Japan. So capable people don’t want to be politicians. So most of the politicians in Japan (barring a few) are really there for the wrong reasons. There’s no simple or easy answer to the lack of quality in politicians- Japan’s not alone in having many bad politicians. However, the rapidity of change makes it hard for other nations to engage with Japan if the Prime Minister is changing once a year (not to mention all of the other issues related to having a new PM every year.)

Hatoyama admits money flow caused his downfall