Year: 2010

Fascinating article.  Worth a longer discussion when I have time… Comparing a Harvard MBA to a Hitotsubashi or Globis MBA is completely laughable.  Comical in a way that is hard to express.  Utterly absurd, is maybe close. M.B.A.’s in Japan …

M.B.A.’s in Japan Struggle for Respect – Read More »

Trust me, worth it to listen to it all the way through.

Infuriating. Federal Reserve Rains Money On Corporate America — But Main Street Left High And Dry.

That Sadako Ogata, of all people, has to still be stressing the importance of English to Todai students in 2010 is a testament to the complete failure of Japan’s education policies around English. Referring to her stint as U.N. leader …

Embrace the world, English, too: Ogata | The Japan Times Online Read More »

With Japan’s domestic market expected to shrink because of the low birthrate and graying society, Japanese companies are expanding into overseas markets. Hiring people with experience abroad is simply part of their global strategies. Japanese students who remain in Japan … – Japanese students being left out in trend of international hiring Read More »