the Japan election of 2009

For those of you who are watching or reading about the upcoming election in Japan, please ignore that crazy Op-Ed, A New Path for Japan, in the FREAKING New York Times by DPJ leader Hatoyama. If you try to read it, you’ll see it makes no sense because it was written in Japanese and not intended to be translated or as MTC says:

Just-ignore-what-the-essay-says-it-is-only-meant-for-domestic-consumption-and-contains-a-lot-of-code-phrases-that can only be understood-in-the-context-of-Japanese-election-propaganda-and-in-Japan-nobody-believes-anything-printed-especially-when-the-author’s-stringing-together-of-platitudinous-utterances-makes-him-sound-like-he-is-stoned

Instead, read Tobias Harris’ piece in Foreign Policy: Japan’s New Shadow Shogun. Silly title, but I’m sure Tobias didn’t write that.

Now, Yukio Hatoyama is the DPJ’s leader and the presumptive prime minister. But [Ichiro] Ozawa remains kingmaker: the DPJ’s chief election strategist with the fealty of a band of party members in the Diet who could ultimately number up to 100. Thus, he and his supporters will be critical to the success or failure of a DPJ government, especially leading up to Japan’s upper house elections next summer.

I look forward to seeing the results of this election next week.