The Diogenes Club – Do You Know How To Feel It

Gorgeous vocal track.  Sort of reminiscent of the 80’s but in a good way.

the Diogenes Club: ‘Do You Know How To Feel It?’

Following a string of wonderfully idiosyncratic and freshly skewed instrumental EPs and remixes, the Diogenes Club have now been bolstered by the addition of song-writing vocalist Paul Giles. The combination of the Clubs quirky take on 80s funk and synth-laden melodies and Pauls sweetly melancholic vocals make a resounding match. The startling effect has not gone unnoticed; and Pete Tong has already made “Do You Know How To Feel It?” one of his Calm before the storm tracks on his Radio 1 show. This EP pioneers the way ahead for the reinvigorated Diogenes Club, trailblazing along a path of emotionally-charged melody-driven electronic song.

the Diogenes Club are Matt (or Dob) and Paul Giles. Matt writes song-based electronic melodies and Paul sings and writes lyrics. Before the two met, Matt produced a number of EPs and remixes as the Diogenes Club for Urban Torque. “Do You Know How To Feel It?” is the first release to feature Paul’s contributions.