Month: August 2009

Funky ningyou

Impressive, more so if they are really 13 and 14 years old as I have read… via Loco in Yokohama

the Japan election of 2009

For those of you who are watching or reading about the upcoming election in Japan, please ignore that crazy Op-Ed, A New Path for Japan, in the FREAKING New York Times by DPJ leader Hatoyama. If you try to read

The Diogenes Club – Do You Know How To Feel It

Gorgeous vocal track.  Sort of reminiscent of the 80’s but in a good way. the Diogenes Club: ‘Do You Know How To Feel It?’ Following a string of wonderfully idiosyncratic and freshly skewed instrumental EPs and remixes, the Diogenes Club

Denzil – Outta States 4

Very much enjoying this deep house mix by Denzil: Denzil – Outta States 4 Karol XV11 & MB Valence – Somewhere In Abha (Loco)Ross Couch – A New System (Karol XV11 & MB Valence Remix) (Body Rhythm)Jay Leblone – Alma

a new perspective on Warren Buffett

Up until recently I had an image of Warren Buffett that I think is the mainstream one: simple man from Omaha who is single-minded about his investments such that he is very successful. However, that image has changed for me.