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Taibbi – Rolling Stone – The Great American Bubble Machine

For those of you who were frustrated by the fact that Rolling Stone’s website does not have the full text of the recent Matt Taibbi missive on Goldman Sachs, the text of that article has been scanned and OCRed and posted to Somethingawful. I highly recommend reading it.
Someone has to do a wiki or page that lists all the ex-Goldman Sachs executives who are running either key American businesses (like Liddy at AIG) or key US government positions (too many to list.) Clearly Goldman Sachs is too influential and has influence that it should not have with the US government. If there’s a company that is worth investigating for being either too big to fail or controlling the markets, it is clearly Goldman Sachs.

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Have you been following the aftermath of the article on his trueslant blog thing? It’s great. He is basically Actual Financial Journalist numero uno at this point. There’s a recent rejoinder by Time that he responds to; he seems pretty deadly.

Hey Connor, yeah I’ve been following it via Felix Salmon’s blog at Reuters too:
June 24th: Matt Taibbi vs Goldman Sachs
June 26th: Goldman Sachs responds to Taibbi
July 7th: Matt Taibbi – Taibblog – On The ‘Everyone Was Doing It” Excuse – True/Slant

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