Kunstler on Goldman Sachs

EDIT: the Joe Hagan piece on Goldman Sachs in New York Magazine, Is Goldman Sachs Evil? Or Just Too Good? is a must-read.
So, James, tell us what you really feel about Goldman Sachs.

James Howard Kunstler – Evil Syndicated
As we turn the corner toward autumn, President Obama looks increasingly like a dupe, a tool, or a co-conspirator of Goldman Sachs.  If he doesn’t instruct the Justice Department to commence investigations of the company, and if he doesn’t dissociate himself from their alumni hanging around the White House, the Treasury Department, and elsewhere in the government, he’s going to become the object of an awful public wrath.  Obama has no other choice at this point except to clean house – to fire Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, Tim Geithner, and all other former Goldman Sachs employees in positions of power and influence around him.

3 Comments on “Kunstler on Goldman Sachs

  1. I was happy that Obama won, don’t get me wrong, but the devil is truly in the details, and it is in the details that Obama can’t cover everything and get everything right.
    My hopes for change in America slip further down each day.

  2. Oh and I love Johnson’s Baselinescenario.com blog. I read that one religiously.