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Adam Richards rebuts Lisa Katayama on NYT otaku culture article

I was uneasy after reading Lisa Katayama’s piece on otaku culture in the NY Times Magazine last weekend. I tried to put my thoughts into a blog post but nothing coalesced.
Adamu at Mutant Frog Travelogue has a rebuttal and questions some of Katayama’s fact-checking in what I think is a great blog post that encapsulates a lot of my thoughts on this topic. If you read that ‘Love in 2D‘ article, please take the time to read Adamu’s rebuttal:
Nemutan’s revenge – some fact-checking and reaction to the NYT story on anime fetishists

2 replies on “Adam Richards rebuts Lisa Katayama on NYT otaku culture article”

Gen, thanks for putting together the links. I hadn’t read the article in the NYT, but for years have been frustrated in how it chooses to cover Japan. It seems rare to find an article that is not about how weird (with a subtext of how messed up) Japan is.
The article and Adamu’s careful response is perfect to help explain my discomfort in how general media portrays Japan that is hard to pinpoint.

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