Month: July 2009

the vampire squid doesn’t feed on human flesh

Lewis is so funny and kudos to Bloomberg for running this: Bashing Goldman Sachs Is Simply a Game for Fools: Michael Lewis Rumor No. 5: Goldman Sachs is “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming

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Kunstler on Goldman Sachs

EDIT: the Joe Hagan piece on Goldman Sachs in New York Magazine, Is Goldman Sachs Evil? Or Just Too Good? is a must-read. So, James, tell us what you really feel about Goldman Sachs. James Howard Kunstler – Evil SyndicatedAs

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Adam Richards rebuts Lisa Katayama on NYT otaku culture article

I was uneasy after reading Lisa Katayama’s piece on otaku culture in the NY Times Magazine last weekend. I tried to put my thoughts into a blog post but nothing coalesced. Adamu at Mutant Frog Travelogue has a rebuttal and

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the problem of software development in Japan

The NY Times has an interesting article up on Why Japan’s Cellphones Haven’t Gone Global. Techmeme and Twitter shows a decent amount of interest in the article, which is news for most people outside of Japan.  It’s all the more

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Christine Varney on Google as a monopoly

Relevant information at Why Is Obama’s Top Antitrust Cop Gunning for Google? “I think you are going to see a repeat of Microsoft.” Christine Varney’s blunt assessment sent a buzz through the audience at the National Press Club in

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