Month: February 2009

Japanese websites that don’t work in Internet Explorer 8

ZDNet shows which websites are not working in IE 8. Here are some of the Japanese websites that are incompatible with IE8. Microsoft’s IE 8 incompatibility list: 2,400 major sites (and counting)

Tom Middleton – Transitions on Kiss100 Guest Mix (08-Feb-2009)

New Tom Middleton mix from Kiss100. 01 Jon Hopkins (feat .coldplay) – Light Through The Veins (Tom Middleton Escapist Vox Mix) [Domino]02 Cunnie Williams – Saturday Night (Rulers Of The Deep Remix) [Unsigned]03 Palm Skin Productions – Done [Unsigned]04 Martin – Dreaming Inside‘s new deep house mix set is out on iTunes and at A tracklist is now available at Facebook. Dreaming Inside… iPod Sessions – 2009.02.12 01: Nikos Diammantopoulos – Cine Blue [Klik Records] 02: A Dog Named Rodriguez –

Studio 360 in Japan

Studio 360 in Japan: Lisa Katayama and Roland Kelts help the Studio 360 crew make sense of Japan. The website has videos and photos and the podcast is here. I especially like Yoshioka Tokujin‘s explanation of Japanese design using tofu.

CNBC is worthless

Josh Marshall from TalkingPointsMemo: TPM Reader JC sent me to this interview with Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Taleb on CNBC. Here’s what JC wrote: In this clip, Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Taleb are still being treated as a circus sideshow