Month: January 2009

MacKinnon to Obama – in Talking to China, Remember its People

Great letter to President Obama from Rebecca MacKinnon. Just as you have used new technology to engage with the American electorate, your China policy can be greatly strengthened if you conduct a real conversation with the Chinese people. Listen as

PBS Interview with Warren Buffett

Partial transcript of Susie Gharib’s interview with Buffett. SG: But there is debate about whether there should be fiscal stimulus, whether tax cuts work or not. There is all of this academic debate among economists. What do you think? Is

$1.2 Trillion Slush Fund: Congressman Alan Grayson Grills Fed Vice Chair Donald Kohn

I’m heartened to see a Freshman Democratic Congressman, Alan Grayson of Florida, grilling Fed Vice Chair Kohn so expertly. That said, Kohn sounds like someone who should not be doing the job he is in.

The End of Wall Street

Barry Ritholtz has a (3 part) 25-minute documentary by the Wall Street Journal that’s worth watching.  Note that it is all Wall Street Journal reporters who are interviewed, but it’s still worth a viewing. As a New Yorker, born and

Sony on brink of upheaval as analysts back British chief

Nothing new here except that this looks to be the critical moment for Howard.  If he can really make deep cuts, literally shed 20-35% of the business that is not profitable, then he has a chance of keeping Sony relevant.