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Ken Auletta on Google

Ken Auletta reports in The New Yorker on Google’s increasing lobbying operations in Washington DC: The Search Party. The last quote by Eric Schmidt was fascinating.

“When you have a technology that is as engrossing as the Internet, you’re going to have winners and losers. I’m not trying to sound arrogant. I’m trying to sound rational about it. The Internet allows people to consume media in a different way.” He believes that because Google is “run by three computer scientists we’re going to make all the mistakes computer scientists running a company would make. But one of the mistakes we’re not going to make is the mistake that non-scientists make. We’re going to make mistakes based on facts and data and analysis.” He paused. Then he said, “What kills a company is not competition but arrogance. We control our fate.”

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Sunday Soundtrack podcast

Doug Ramsay has started a very nice new podcast called Sunday Soundtrack which he says is:<blockquote>an alternative listening experience to the standard Sunday afternoon commercial smooth jazz formatted programs and expose you to independent artists with tunes that provide that same smoothness, but in such genres as electronica, nu jazz, downtempo, experimental and the like.</blockquote>

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Twitter to Japan

I saw this earlier in the Japanese press but Asiajin covers the fact that Digital Garage has invested in Twitter and will be bringing a Japanese interface to Twitter in the Spring. One of the market differences Twitter faces in Japan is that Japan does not use SMS on mobile phones. There is no SMS in Japan. Email is used. However, mobile phone email is a complex mess where each carrier has different settings on encoding of both the subject and body text. If Twitter is to succeed in Japan, it has to be successful on the phone. Whether it will break out into the mainstream of Japanese users is really dependent on whether young kids, young girls actually, get into it. I could see that happening virally.