Year: 2008

Google and network neutrality

UPDATE: Google says that the WSJ doesn’t know what it is writing about and that this is about content caching, not network neutrality: Google Public Policy Blog: Net neutrality and the benefits of caching. If that’s the case, this is

Nomura and Madoff

Nomura looks like a place that does not do enough due diligence. Bloomberg: Nomura Has 27.5 Billion Yen at Risk Linked to Madoff (Update2) Reuters: Nomura says has $303 mln Madoff-related exposure Associated Press: Nomura: $306 million in Wall Street

Cerberus Capital, Chrysler and the bailout

First, read Louise Story’s piece on Cerberus and Chrysler. Chrysler is the smallest of the Big Three automakers, but it stands apart from its peers in another crucial respect. While General Motors and the Ford Motor Company are public corporations,

The Automotive Rigs pool

The Automotive Rigs pool at Flickr is small but impressive.  Shots of cars either from the car being photographed or from a second vehicle, showing the car in question at speed.

CCTV Reporter’s Arrest Causes a Stir

The Wall Street Journal is reporting about a the arrest of a CCTV reporter in Beijing by policemen from Shanxi Province, China, which is newsworthy because CCTV is the Chinese Government’s official TV station: CCTV Reporter’s Arrest Causes a Stir.