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CCTV Reporter’s Arrest Causes a Stir

The Wall Street Journal is reporting about a the arrest of a CCTV reporter in Beijing by policemen from Shanxi Province, China, which is newsworthy because CCTV is the Chinese Government’s official TV station: CCTV Reporter’s Arrest Causes a Stir.

I actually met this reporter last month here in Tokyo and heard her story first-hand. What is not reported on by the WSJ is a key point, the reporter, Li (which is not her real name), was not on the CCTV payroll when she was researching and reporting on this particular news item. Her tapes and reporting media were all confiscated so I’m almost positive we’ll never see that article she was going to write or the information that she had gathered.

What I was impressed by was her commitment to ethical journalism and her desire to get the story out even if she wasn’t on the CCTV payroll at that particular time. She deserves to be praised for what she did, not jailed, and Reporters Sans Frontieres should be supporting her (not to mention CCTV itself.) For all of the negative imagery there is about the media in China, especially the state-run media, I was impressed to met a young journalist who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Woodward & Bernstein.