Month: November 2008

History lesson for Nokia’s Vertu in Japan

Nokia has announced that they plan to launch an MVNO with Docomo using their Vertu brand in Japan. A quick look at this brings up many more questions than answers. Vodafone failed spectacularly in Japan just a few years ago,

new Google China home page interface

Only a few weeks ago, I showcased a number of alternative home page interfaces Google is using in East Asia. Today I saw a new UI for Simplified Chinese at one of the urls that previously had a different

Once greeted warmly, Google wears out welcome

But almost five years into its expansion into Europe – where it has a headquarters in Dublin, large facilities in Zurich and London and smaller centers in Denmark, Russia and Poland, among other countries – Google is beginning to bump

Japan’s $1 trillion to the rescue?

CS Monitor on $1 trillion in Japanese financial reserves and why they may not be used to bailout the system this time. I think that Japan ought to be less conservative than the current stance but being the 2nd largest

Panic in Detroit

Everyone is referencing this excellent article on the situation in Detroit. The key difference is Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 11 bankruptcy. One reason for the casual support for letting GM fail is the assumption that bankruptcy would be no big